Pediatric Dentist Aledo


Dental Exams and Oral Hygiene

Routine dental evaluations are important to assess the dental health of your child, to properly diagnose and create a unique dental plan for your child. We typically recommend cleanings and exams every six months. We will assess your child’s unique needs and all of our recommendations will be individually curated!

Low Radiation X-rays

We are mindful of minimizing your child’s exposure to radiation. We use digital x-rays which are 90% less radiation than traditional dental x-rays. Dental x-rays will only be taken on an as needed basis. Digital panoramic radiographs are also available to evaluate the growth and development of your child.

Laser Dentistry

We assess and treat infants for lip, tongue & cheek ties and work with families to determine if a laser frenectomy is needed for your child’s growth & function. We also have a laser that numbs teeth for fillings!Needle-less dentistry is the way of the future! Say goodbye to shots and numb cheeks for hours! The laser also disinfects as it starts to clean out the cavity!

Product Mindfulness

At Aledo Pediatric we only use products we believe will optimize our patients oral health with the safest formulations! Risewell, Jack n Jill Kids, Wonderful Dental are some of our favorites! All of our products are dye free & top allergen safe.